Moonya Moonya

Turning Around Korea Eco-Friendly Kidswear Brand

Identity, Packaging, Retail

Moonya Moonya is a beloved South Korean kidswear brand which uniquely tailors eco-friendly outfits, especially pajamas. CC was commissioned to rebrand Moonya Moonya from strategy, identity, retail, and packaging. Our approach was based on a strong insight that eco-mums feel guilty for not providing the best care and green products to their kids. MOONYA MOONYA applies contemporary style — like lined pajamas and slacks — and makes them kid-appropriate by implementing small details which are often found in children’s clothing, like animal print, ruffles, and stripes. Their selection of pajamas is both adorable and comfortable. Their selection of ballet-inspired clothing brings a sense of whimsy to a child’s closet. The brand story echoes this insight while providing a real care-taker DNA from packaging to retailing. The sales doubled in the month the rebrand took place.

Rise of the Eco-Mums

Eco mums are motivated by quality and storytelling. Department stores come out with eco-friendly marketing strategies in order to attract“eco-moms”- mothers who are dedicated to protecting the environment in their everyday activities. Moonya Moonya is the only pajamas brand that pays unique attention to eco-friendly fabrics and comfort-focused knitting details.

Moonya Moonya is a care taker. Baby deserves the best. Moonya Moonya’s mission is to find him or her a safe (and super-cute) present that mom will love, a smart and thoughtful organic gifts that any mom will approve of. Comforting parents helps new mommies to comfort babies. These organic leggings are as comfortable as pajamas, and as cute as designer outfitters.