Turned Around a Legendary French Heritage Fashion Brand

Global Brand Adaptation, Retail, Website, E-commerce, Social, Packaging

Saint James is the most respected French Navy purveyor of striped mariniéres and fashion lines. CC was asked to adapt and activate the brand in the US market from identity, retail, web, and event activation.


As a respected French heritage brand, we knew our main weakness was storytelling because Saint James is such a part of the French legacy and culture that we never felt the necessity to tell our story on our domestic market, assuming they already knew it...It was obvious, however, that we would need to up the ante on markets who didn’t know us that well, like the US.

We asked Creative Capital to help us to achieve that goal through our offline and online points, within a tight budget. CC brought a thorough knowledge of the brand, the history, and the geography that surround it, taking the essence of Saint James out of it, to make it clearer to a new market. They translated it beautifully, in time with the budget. B. Auzimour, Saint James Managing Director

From Retail to Digital activaiton