Water Distortion Playing Tales from Chinese Cities

Identity, Packaging

In April 2014, Uni President Group launched a new soft drink brand called Haizhiyan (homophonic meaning sea salt in mandarin), featuring Mediterranean sea salt lemonade. Targeting the young generation, Haizhiyan highlights its refreshing taste and hydrating function to meet the audience’s healthy diet need. Our mission is to create a limited packaging design according to different cities. After having analyzed the market and the consumer, CC hoped to revive Haizhiyan by bringing vitality to the brand’s upgraded visual identity.

Water Distortion Creates Motion of Illustrations.

Taking full use of the transparent bottle design, CC created a double-layered tableau by designing on both sides of the flat label to bring the packaging alive. With a new brand image of young urbanites passionate about exploring the cities, Haizhiyan conveyed to the consumers its vision as a dynamic brand that hopes to set on an adventurous journey together with the Chinese young generation.The label designs in the back work as a background layer for the front side and directly comes with a lens effect. When rotating the bottle, consumers would be able to see a shift in the background layer due to the refraction of liquid. This creates a playful effect, showing a couple merrily traveling around each city.

Having done the market research and analyzed the consumption behavior, we chose to play with a combination of original label design mixed with our interpretation of urban explorers and city landscape as the new packaging design for the limited collection of city bottles. We continued to use Haizhiyan’s original color palette of bright blue and lemon yellow as the key colors and instill the elements of sea as part of the brand identity to maintain the link to its past.

Since the product aims at the Chinese millennials, we designed an image of a young couple enjoying a day out in the city and turned the labels into 6 frames composing a romantic film in which a pair of energetic urbanites enjoy exploring different Chinese cities. For instance, on the label for Shanghai bottle, the couple bikes along the Bund with a view of Shanghai’s iconic skyline; on the Nanning bottle, the boy rides a scooter, carrying the girl behind him and traveling through the city…… Looking at each label, consumers could get inspired and create their own Haizhiyan city tale by imagination. In details, we used the image of lemon to replace wheels of different vehicles, highlighting Haizhiyan’s lemonade feature.

Create Your Own City Tale and Keep Exploring