Revived a Chicago Legend to Fit Chinese Feet!

Identity, Retail, Packaging

Established in Chicago in 1871, SELZ has dedicated to providing the most comfortable shoes with “MAKE YOUR FEET GLAD” as its brand mission for over a century. With our 360° all-around branding evolution, SELZ takes a new start here in China this year with a new brand visual identity as well as new brand positioning aimed at the young generation, advocating “Light Lifestyle”.‍v


After having dived into a large number of brand archives, we keep the spirit of sports and pursuit of comfort as core brand value throughout SELZ's whole history, meanwhile, instill the fashion nowadays of urban modernity and healthy lifestyle into the brand’s new assets. We propose a new brand positioning of “the first light-sports & lifestyle brand”, hoping that with the philosophy of “going out”, people could set out on the life journey of exploring fun and adventure.

The brand’s new visual identity inherits the original American style and the basic typography, on which we optimize the design.We create a new ICON from the letter ”S” in SELZ with a shape of “lightning” that represents sportsmanship and speed while also indicates the road, echoing the brand’s slogan: ”MAKE YOUR FEET GLAD”.