Rethinking Engagement Rings Branding Experience in China

Identity, Packaging, Retail

Since 1989, the Shenzhen-based jewelry brand has grown alongside the Chinese economy into a 125-branch chain. Despite steady growth, the brand has had its concerns in recent years. Since their star product remains a series of designer engagement rings, their brand design has shown signs of disconnection from their target customers, from Visual Identity to Retail. The brand is also short of supplying the “designer feel” to the new and increasingly design-savvy Chinese generation.

Transform Awards 2015 Gold - Best Brand Evolution


Committed to modernizing the brand, Creative Capital started to look into the lifestyle of 25 to 30-year-old Chinese females, as they usually are the decision-makers for wedding and engagement rings purchased in China.After extensive research, we concluded that Zhao Liang’s “love for life” brand DNA was still justified and worthy, but the story needed a total facelift with a modern twist in its approach and its design.

“CC has an elite group of talents. Their streams of ideas have brought invaluable creative energy not just into our shop design, but our brand and company as a whole.” Joyce Ye, VP of Marketing, Zhao Liang Jewelry

Transform Awards 2015: Gold - Best Brand Evolution