A Gifting Ritual Offering a Unique True Piece of Paris


Originally a fragrance house, Lancôme was founded by a French chap named Armand Petitjean back in 1935. His five perfumes were an immediate success and he soon moved on to skincare. ABSOLUE is the quintessence of Lancôme; Luxury ‘‘à la française’’. The scope of the project was to talk about Lancôme’s ‘‘art de vivre’’, through visual merchandising and CRM (cultural book intended for VIP clients). The starting point was the french ‘‘Hôtel particulier’’.

Explore the hotel particuer's secret gifts

Visual merchandising is inspired by Lancome’s founder, Paris Hotel Particulier. The ABSOLUE VIP gift box comes from the unique room layout of the hotel particulier.

A True and Unique Piece of Paris!