Establishing US' kindest brand in China through Chinese New Year


This is the 1st marketing campaign from MARS’ KIND BARS in China. CC was trusted to create an interactive CNY 2019 Gift Box followed by a video animation counting the story of every Chinese families during Chinese New Year. 

Coming home full of healthy gifts

After studying what makes CNY so unique in the hearts of the Chinese, CC found out that the most precious feelings are the journey of coming back home and the expectations from the family. The gift box evokes the anticipation and the arrival of loved ones.

The launch of the CNY gift box was a big hit: It achieved 29.8m buzz on Weibo in two weeks and the promotional video has gained 10m video viewers; a correlated WeChat article has easily witnessed the highest readership of the brand’s official WeChat account; on its official online stores, more a hundred boxes were sold over a night, whose conversion rate reached 6 times of the brand’s usual performance, and 36% sales incremental before CNY.

How to instill Chinese cultural elements into this new foreign player in the domestic snack market?