Brun Brun

Indonesian French Hybrid Retail Brand True to Locals

Identity, Retail, Packaging

BRUN BRUN Paris is an Indonesian brand that sells beauty and fashion products at an affordable price point. It first opened its store in 2017, and since they have opened more than 60 stores in the major cities of Indonesia. The brand believes in the concept of “one stop shopping” and provides retail spaces that offers makeup, body care and fashion in the convenience of one shop. They also offer the convenience of online shopping so that the customer can shop their products any time of the day. The brand gets its inspiration from Paris, France as it is the center of fashion and design. BRUN BRUN aims to cater to the fashionable modern customer who lives in a world of fast changing fashion trends.

A Vivid French Market Place

CC’s mission is to strengthen the association between the brand and the French story that the brand aims to express.Additionally, through the storytelling improve brand recognition and brand awareness.

Inspired by the vivid sights and colors of the French market-place, the market experience recreated the excitement that the customer feels when they visit a marketplace filled with fresh items that invigorates the senses.

To incorporate elements that are iconic to Paris so that consumers associate the brand aesthetic withFrance. The brand and its retail presence should be fun, festive and eye catching, appealing to the modern customer by conveying the feeling that any time she visits, there s something new to be tried.

Aesthetics That Also Empowers Local Communities!